Artificial grass

Artificial grass used to be an accessory; it was an element of interior design. Today, it is also used as an additional source of friction. Extremely resistant to abrasion or impact, it reduces noise perfectly. We offer its various configurations.


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  • perfectly protects the floor against damage
  • perfect for a fitness club, CrossFit box, gym, personal training studio, home or a garage gym
  • available in flat or flex option:
  • flat – a turf padding made of a uniform layer of rubber to ensure better contact with the surface
  • flex – a turf padding made of a three-dimensional rubber grid for more resilience when walking
  • the grass bristles are firmly attached to the surface
  • 100% repeatability of the shape of the puzzle or the roll, both in mini and max version
  • easy to install thanks to the use of puzzle-shaped joints or a smooth-edged roll
  • durable
  • ensures safety during training
  • reduces vibration and noise
  • neutral smell
  • an excellent insulating layer
  • provides additional friction during exercise
  • resistant to weather conditions
  • compatible with rubber flooring, corner and side ends, can be combined with a weightlifting platform (all available in our offer)
  • pile density per m2: 15120-15750

Technical data

product thickness of rubber layer roll/puzzle dimensions roll/puzzle weight
grass floor roll 5mm 0,6 x 1,20m 4,4kg
grass floor mini roll 5mm 1,20 x 5m 32,4kg
grass floor mini puzzle 8mm 0,6 x 0,6m 2,4kg
grass floor puzzle 8mm 1 x 1m 8,5kg