professional infrared massager

It is a favourite massage device for women. It eliminates cellulite, reduces fat tissue, firms the body, improves blood circulation and at the same time provides amazing relaxation thanks to the colour therapy which puts the user in a good mood.


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Its operation is based on lymphatic massage. Performed with the use of wooden rollers fixed on a rotating drum, it results in weight loss and achievement of a desired, slim figure. Additionally, NPG Roll works perfectly as a device for fighting cellulite and stretch marks. It is also successfully used in beauty and rehabilitation salons.

The additional use of infrared rays releases the body from unwanted excess fat, toxic compounds and water which are the cause of the formation of “orange peel”. Due to double depth of penetration into cellulite areas, combined with 10 times increased heating of these tissues, this therapy is definitely more effective than any conventional method.

This massager is ideal for people who lack the time to exercise to improve their appearance.

Included with the massager is a chair and a platform, which facilitate the massage of various parts of the body such as buttocks, thighs, abdomen, etc. Additionally, a poster with instructions on how to use the NPG Roll is included for your convenience.

Features of the massager:

  • solid and stable construction,
  • beautiful, modern design,
  • durability and quality of workmanship,
  • intuitive control panel with display,
  • 16 massage programme positions,
  • infrared rays,
  • chair and footrest,
  • easy to use,
  • safety during exercises.

Technical data

L x W x H: 105 x 77 x 80 cm

Weight: 60 kg