E 2.02B

Thigh machine
(Vertical Leg Press)

A free weight machine, a crane for training quadriceps of the thigh by pressing. The exercise consists in lifting the weight up with elevated legs. Due to the vertical trajectory of the movement the training on this equipment is more demanding.


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Product photos


  • comfortable bench
  • sturdy side handles for safe training
  • stable and solid construction made of durable profiles, designed to withstand intensive commercial use
  • hooks for weights
  • anti-slip footrest
  • smooth movement and great biomechanics
  • powder-coated frame resistant to corrosion and mechanical damage
  • upholstery made of double layer foam covered with high-quality synthetic leather

This is a real gem among other fitness equipment, rarely available, which allows you to significantly expand your training possibilities and stand out among the competitors.

Technical data

L x W x H: 136 x 170.5 x 163 cm

Product weight: 226.5 kg

Max. load weight: 400 kg