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Weight stack machines

The machines have a closed stack, thanks to which the user can freely adjust the training load. The regulation is done with a pin. Each machine has a properly selected stack of weights depending on the muscle group. These are fully commercial machines, prepared for extreme and long-lasting workouts. The unique design and the highest quality of workmanship contribute to their high durability.




Free weights:

Training efficiency is the key to success. We remembered about this while planning the product list for this series. The stability of the machines and the (usually added) ability to put the load on the hook reduces the time needed to prepare for the next training. The wide range of motion and assistance at the start of the exercise ensure safety and use of the full biomechanics of the movement guidance.

Benches and accessories:

A definite base and an absolute “must have”. The variety of uses inspired us to create a wide range of benches: Olympic, straight, adjustable, dedicated to specific muscle groups. The offer includes benches with racks, with hooks for loads, with a base for support, with wheels and a transport handle, positive and negative incline: everyone will find a solution tailored to their individual requirements.

Wherever you want to use npg equipment

The manufacturer guarantees endurance even at maximum training intensity.