E 3.12-1

Workout Stand
(Dip-Abdominal Combo)

A reliable device for training abdominal, arm and chest muscles using the force of gravity. It allows you to perform exercises such as push-ups, leg raises and sit-ups.


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Product photos


  • tear-resistant, sturdy backrest and armrests
  • backrest – stabilizer for your back, relieves it during exercises
  • wide foot pads with anti-slip base
  • thick, ergonomic handles covered with rubber
  • powder-coated frame resistant to corrosion and mechanical damage
  • stable and solid construction made of durable profiles
  • upholstery made of double layer foam covered with high-quality synthetic leather

The training stand is an excellent choice for a fitness club, gym or a hotel. Thanks to its easy operation, the machine is suitable for both, professionals and beginners.

Technical data

L x W x H: 107.5 x 80 x 167 cm

Product weight: 80 kg

Max. load weight: 200 kg