Mobile weightlifting platform

A platform is the basis for carrying loads. We chose an innovative approach in order to best suit our clients' expectations and possibilities. We offer mobile platforms, dedicated to places where small space or their function requires moving. Easy assembly and disassembly, as well as the possibility to stack the puzzles, turned out to be a real hit. The wooden parts can be a part of the floor, forming one whole with it. Additionally, you can place your logo on the platform, once again showcasing your brand.


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Product photos


  • perfectly protects the floor against damage
  • indispensable in the weightlifting zone
  • perfect for a fitness club, CrossFit box, gym, personal training studio, home or a garage gym
  • available in 6-element option (2 wooden, 4 rubber) or personalized as a base element
  • easy to assemble thanks to puzzle-shaped joints
  • durable
  • mobile, can be stacked, takes up little space
  • ensures safety during training
  • absorbs shocks and reduces noise
  • neutral smell
  • easy to clean
  • weather-resistant
  • compatible with rubber flooring, corner and side ends, can be combined with artificial turf (all available in our offer)
  • possibility to add your logo on the wooden element

Technical data

dimensions: 212 x 312 cm

thickness: 15 mm

weight: 82kg

material: wood + SBR rubber granulate + polyurethane glue

surface area: 6m2