NPG Airbike

The air bike is a combination of a stationary bike, a rowing ergometer and an elliptical trainer. It engages arms and legs synchronously during exercise. The air resistance is generated by the frontal thrust wheel and a windmill. The resistance increases in proportion to the work input, making the device suitable for both beginners and advanced users who want to test their maximum capabilities. The easy-to-use display shows the values: training time, distance, caloric and energetic efficiency, and a heart rate.


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AirBike allows you to perform effective metabolic training involving the whole body. Simultaneous, strong work of arms and legs, and an additional powerful response from the abdomen give a surprising result in a short time. Training in the interval system with a gradual reduction of the break time will further accelerate achievement of your desired goal.

Working on an air bicycle has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. An additional advantage is exercising in a closed kinematic chain (the foot and hand are fixed to the handle and pedals respectively), thanks to which the training can be safely carried out at the early stage of rehabilitation/return after the injury. You can also use this device in case of hip and knee problems, as the construction does not load these areas. The main work is placed on the muscles without overloading the joints and tendons.

AirBike can be successfully used by everyone. Professional athletes – who can put a maximum work into their training, get maximum resistance in return, test themselves in extreme conditions and, thanks to involving the whole body, achieve an athletic silhouette in a short time; as well as the athletes after an injury – who can choose the right intensity of training to return to a full fitness in a short time. The equipment is also recommended to beginners who want to improve their comfort of life, people struggling with overweight and, what follows … joint problems. The special construction makes exercising on this bike fully safe for people with metabolic diseases as well. Low speed of exercises will provide faster convalescence and return to full health. AirBike is therefore a great solution for CrossFit boxes, fitness clubs, private homes, as well as physiotherapy or rehabilitation rooms.

The most important advantages of this device are:

  • Intuitive operation – pedalling + synchronous hand work,
  • Mobility – thanks to small wheels and low weight, the device can be easily moved,
  • Easy seat height adjustment,
  • Unique drive,
  • No need for power supply,
  • Display turning on as soon as it starts working,
  • Personalised training goal shown on the display (time, distance, speed, calories, strength),
  • Equipment compatible with POLAR system,
  • Low weight of the bike and small dimensions, fits almost everywhere,
  • Design ensuring highly effective and safe training for everyone (from beginners to professionals). 

Technical data

L x W x H: 127 x 62 x 130 cm

Weight: 56 kg

Max weight of the user: 136 kg

Functions: time, speed, distance, burned calories, interval workout settings, heart rate system compatibility

Frame size: internal: 30 x 60 x 2 cm (oval profile) / main: 40 x 97 x 2 cm (oval profile)

Drive system: Chain 170 mm, 3-part crank, 25-inch fan, 27-inch casing


NPG Airbike Reviews

Why? Because it is an effort involving the whole body and a lot of movements – you push, pull and work with your arms and legs: everything with the resistance that increases with intensity. NPG AirBike is: The Devil's Machine. NPG AirBike can be used for cardio style training or super-effective interval training. When you decide to train at a high intensity, it will test your head and fortitude, as your arms and legs will scream and ask for relief. It feels like you're riding through a fire. I like it 🙂
Bronisław Olenkowicz
CrossFit Games Athlete 2019, 3-time Polish Kettlebell Hardstyle Champion
One of the best devices for building endurance and strength, not only in CrossFit. Fitness Club 24 Distribution & Service equipment is characterized by reliability and exceptional durability which allows you to fully concentrate on training. I tried and tested it every day, it has not let me down even once. Thanks to it I can see progress every day, it gives me satisfaction from training.
Marcin Reus
1st place: Battle of Europe in Master's category, European Masters Throwdown
NPG Airbike means fire in my legs, arms and hectolitres of sweat. It's a piece of equipment that withstands my maximum testing, while still ensuring a sense of safe training. It's an all-around workout machine, which is what I expected from such equipment! I highly recommend it; my results speak for themselves.
Kamil Jenel
Professional Polish K1 Champion, DSF Kickboxing Challenge Champion belt holder