NPG Freerunner
Motorless Treadmill

It's a motorless, energy-efficient treadmill, shaped like a banana. This means no more problems with cables, no more adjusting the position of the machine near a power source. NPG Freerunner is powered by muscle power and allows the users to set the pace themselves. What follows, there is no need to worry about sudden jerks or braking. With NPG Freerunner the movement is natural, smooth and no one is surprised by the unexpected changes in speed.


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The slight curvature of the treadmill provides additional options: when you run in the central area, the pace is getting faster; when you run in the rear area, the pace becomes slower. For user safety, the treadmill can only be walked in one direction, which also makes it easy to get on and off the machine from the back. The easy-to-use, intuitive display shows values such as time, distance, speed and calories. The running belt is made of durable, non-slip material. This provides comfort and safety, and in the case of professional athletes – opportunity to test their abilities. It is also worth noticing that the service costs of the technology used in NPG Freerunner are significantly lower compared to other cardio devices.

Another important advantage of this device is its mobility. The treadmill is equipped with small wheels making it easy to move. More and more often, when the weather is nice, we want to train outdoors and the NPG Freerunner is a perfect solution in such a scenario. Simply lift the back of the treadmill, move it and place it in the desired location. Organisers of events, competitions or trade shows no longer have to worry about quickly reorganising their equipment – the mobility and lack of cables works perfectly.

The beautiful design of the treadmill with its prominent ‘Feel the run’ slogan is eye-catching. The black colouring adds character and blends in perfectly with any room decor. The combination of innovativeness and high-quality materials guarantees precise dynamics while maintaining safety. The trainee enters and simply begins the workout, immediately surrendering to the pleasure of running, without having to set any complicated parameters. The motorless system also eliminates excessive noise, so you can focus solely on your workout.

The banana shape of the treadmill corresponds to the natural movements of the user’s body. The reduced stress on joints results in an increased running efficiency. The treadmill belt bends slightly under the user, absorbing some of the load put on the hips and knees. Therefore, you can run more kilometres without straining your health.

Comfort and safety, ease of use, natural body movements, mobility, motorless system, compact size (as for a treadmill) make NPG Freerunner a machine you can use everywhere:

  • In CrossFit boxes
  • in fitness clubs
  • in personal training studios
  • at home
  • in workout rooms in sports clubs
  • in rehabilitation rooms
  • in competition arenas

The weather will no longer affect your planned training. Icy surfaces, torrential downpours or crooked pavements are no longer a problem. In winter, the trainee can avoid frostbitten hands and the cap will not ruin their hairstyle. In the summer, you can take it outside and train without worrying about twisting an ankle.

The main advantages of the NPG Freerunner:

  • Motorless system
  • Mobility
  • Intuitive display
  • Durable, non-slip belt material

Technical data

L x W x H: 170 x 78.5 x 163 cm

Weight: 121 kg

Maximum user weight: 180 kg

Functions: speed, time, distance, burned calories

Running surface: 43.2 x 164 cm

NPG Freerunner Reviews

I fully recommend the NPG Freerunner treadmill. It is a great tool for daily workouts. You can run all year round without having to do an outdoor workout. You can exercise whenever you want and develop your cardio skills. You can also learn proper running technique without leaving the gym. All you need to start running is your muscles because you power it yourself. If you want to move it from place to place, this is also easy thanks to its mobility.
Bartek Lipka
CrossFit Games 2019 Athlete, CrossFit Regional Athlete, Finalist of Dubai CrossFit Championship
This treadmill teaches you a correct running technique which corresponds greatly to running outside when it is snowing (or the roads are icy), raining, or just too hot. It is a highly effective piece of equipment and requires minimal maintenance. The great LCD display helps me keep track of all the key indicators of my workout.
Łukasz Dabbachi
Masters - 1st place: European Masters Throwdown, Slovak Throwdown, Battle of Riga, Istanbul Throwdown
I have had a chance to work on Fitness Club 24 treadmills for a long time, and I know one thing. This is a pure pleasure. Those treadmills are the highest-class equipment which allows me to organise large events, for dozens of people, and to work with the best athletes in our country, such as Bronislaw Olenkowicz, Marcin Szybaj, Bartek Lipa, or Pawel Kozak. To put it simple: highly recommended!
Maciej Jagusiak (Mr. Jagoda)
Certified POSE running instructor
I had the opportunity to test the latest NPG Freerunner treadmill. The new version has been significantly changed and improved compared to the previous one. What has remained the same is probably the centre area, i.e. the mats we run on. The rest shows extensive improvements. The treadmill is slightly wider than its predecessor, it is more massive and has thicker handrails. Noteworthy is the improved display with a lot of functions that will help every user to achieve their training goals. The treadmill runs smoothly and without stuttering. There is also a noticeable difference in the noise level during operation: I find the new model quieter than the previous version. I always recommend good equipment and this one is exactly like that!
Grzegorz Jasiński
Owner of Stomil Training, personal trainer, CrossFit competitor Recently, before the Adrenaline Challenge competition,