Turnstile NPG Gates 125 LED



The main purpose of this gate is one- or two-way control of pedestrians, access to industrial enterprises, gyms, administrative offices, banks, shops, metro stations, etc. Luxurious design and functionality will perfectly fit into most modern interiors. The gate is characterized by good quality of construction and operation. The quiet operation of the system during work is one of the most important advantages of this gate. The gate is made of corrosion-resistant, long-lasting 304 stainless steel.

Example applications:

  • Cultural and entertainment sectors,
  • Ticket control and access management,
  • Securing governmental institutions,
  • Aviation and maritime transport,
  • Personnel checkpoints,
  • Access control and timekeeping.

Key features:

  • Passing speed of 35 people per minute,
  • Bidirectional operation – entry and exit,
  • Visual signaling (LED pictograms) indicating active and inactive directions of potential movement in the passage section. A red ‘X’ indicates lack of passage authorization while a green arrow provides information on pedestrian passage authorization,
  • In the event of a power failure, the device remains unblocked to allow pedestrians to pass through the designated control area without hindrance.
  • Built-in gate systems employ sensors enabling precise detection, for instance, detecting attempts of unauthorized passage by two persons based on a single authorization or passage of an unauthorized person,
  • The gates are designed and programmed to consume as little power as possible during daily use,
  • Full automation,


  • Radio controller (Wireless),
  • Cable pilot,
  • Suitable for outdoor installation,
  • Capability for battery installation,
  • The gate can be combined with other types of gates. The NPG 125-LED pairs perfectly with smaller turnstile gates or with taller gates such as Sesam or Cyclone. This combination enables more efficient access control for a larger number of people within a given area,
  • Capability for expansion and customization: installation of additional devices (pass counters, biometric and proximity RFID readers, coin acceptors, emergency buttons, barcode and QR code readers).

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