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NPG Gates 310


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Our innovative device provides invaluable support for access control in high-security indoor areas. This advanced device offers expanded capabilities, adapting to the diverse needs of users.

The NPG-310 swing gate is equipped with a servo drive, automatically opening upon button press or the presentation of an access card. The gate is bi-directional, with an arm made of highly durable material (Plexiglas or steel), ensuring long-term operation. These gates are primarily designed for pedestrian traffic control, restricting access to administrative facilities, banks, offices, stores, stations, and fitness clubs.

Example applications:

  • Cultural and entertainment sectors,
  • Ticket control and access management,
  • Securing governmental institutions,
  • Aviation and maritime transport,
  • Personnel checkpoints,
  • Access control and timekeeping.

Key features:

  • Low power consumption,
  • Passage Speed: 35 People/Min,
  • Automatic Calibration,
  • Bidirectional Operation, Entry-Exit,
  • Servo Drive Mechanism,
  • Panic Function,
  • Passage for the Disabled,
  • LED Lighting,
  • Expandable for the Customer.


  • Possibility of installing additional devices (turnstile counter, biometric and contactless RFID readers, coin acceptors, emergency buttons, barcode and QR code readers),
  • Wireless Radio Controller,
  • Cable Controller,
  • LED Display,
  • Possibility of battery installation.

Available Finish Options:

  • Polished Stainless Steel RAL 304
  • RAL 9003 Color Finish
  • RAL 7016 Color Finish
  • RAL 9005 Color Finish
  • RAL 6002 Color Finish
  • RAL 3020 Color Finish

In order to determine the details, please contact the Sales Department.