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Gym locker with a bench – 2 x 2 module:

  • solid build (metal frame),
  • in production: wooden locker (body and front made of laminated board), metal locker (body and front made of metal), mixed (body and front made of metal, body and front made of laminated board),
  • metal parts powder painted in a desired colour based on the RAL palette (in the case of lockers made entirely of metal it is possible to paint one or two colors),
  • wooden parts made of high quality KRONOPOL laminated board according to contemporary patterns,
  • wooden fronts in offer: various types of wood, perlite structure, smooth structure with gloss, matt structure,
  • lock types: camlock (regular key), padlock, cassette lock (higher quality key), coin operated lock (coins or tokens), electronic lock (pin code, card reader),
  • hinges (door opening angle): 90° or 160°,
  • a shelf install in every locker, optional (paid extra),
  • self-adhesive numbers in any color and keyrings, optional (paid extra),
  • integrated bench made of laminated board.

Note! Price on request, the price depends on the type of board chosen, lock type and optional parts.
Moreover, it is possible to order a locker according to your personal measures and demands prior consulting the Sale Departament.

To conclude and discuss the details of the price and the optional parts contact us!


L x W x H: 80 x 81 x 210 cm